Daniel Béchet - Cellular and Functional Mechanisms Underlying Muscle Aging and Associated Diseases



Dr. Daniel Béchet, PhD Unité de Nutrition Humaine Saint-Genès Champanelle, Clermont Université

Dr. Daniel Béchet received a doctorate degree from Bristol University in the U.K. He currently is research director in the Department of Human Nutrition of INRA, CRNH and Auvergne University. He is a research member of UMR1019 and has explored the mechanisms regulating lysosomal autophagy and proteasome-ubiquitin proteolytic systems that are central for muscle atrophy. Dr. Béchet contributed to the identification of the primary amino acid sequence and gene structure of lysosomal cathepsins and provided the first evidence that lysosomal proteolysis plays a signif­icant role in the physiopathology of skeletal muscle. He also demonstrated the role of a major signaling pathway (PIK3C3-beclin) in regulating autophagy in muscle. Since 2005, Dr. Béchet has developed an expertise in sarcopenia and associated chronic diseases and largely contributed to settle high-throughput proteomics, transcriptomics and molecular imaging analyses of sarcopenia in unique cohorts of elderly subjects. Using these methodologies, his group identified fiber type-specific alterations and many potential biomarkers of muscle chronological aging and age-related pathologies..

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