Dottie Laflamme - Effect of Diet on Loss and Preservation of Lean Body Mass in Aging Dogs and Cats



Dottie Laflamme, DVM, PhD, DACVN

Dr. Dottie Laflamme received a Master of Science degree in nutrition, then her veterinary degree from the University of Georgia. She went on to complete a PhD in nutrition and physiology, and her clinical nutrition residency as the ALPO postdoctoral fellow in clinical nutrition, also at the University of Georgia. She is board-certified in veterinary nutrition and a past president of the American College of Veterinary Nutrition. While working for Purina (first Ralston Purina and then Nestlé Purina) in the Research & Development Department for 25 years, until her retirement in 2015, Dr. Laflamme served in numerous research and management positions. During her tenure, her research focused on therapeutic nutrition, especially in obesity management and geriatric nutrition. Dr. Laflamme is an author of over 250 scientific and technical publications and has been a speaker at a number of veterinary, research and continuing education programs worldwide. She introduced and organized the former Purina Nutrition Forum as well as the current Companion Animal Nutrition (CAN) Summit. Dr. Laflamme currently serves as a consul­tant to The Purina Institute.

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