Karin Allenspach - Hypovitaminosis D Is Associated with Negative Outcome in Dogs with Protein-Losing Enteropathy: A Retrospective Study of 43 Cases


Karin Allenspach

Karin Allenspach, Dr.med.vet, PhD, DECVIM-CA, Iowa State University, College of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Karin Allenspach received her veterinary degree from the University of Zurich in Switzerland. She did an intern­ship in small-animal emergency medicine and critical care at Tufts University and a residency in small-animal internal medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. She received a PhD in veterinary immunology from the University of Bern in Switzerland for her work on canine chronic enteropathies. Dr. Allenspach is a board-certified internist and currently is professor of internal medicine and translational health at Iowa State University.


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