Advancing Science For Pet Health


At the Purina Institute, we believe science is more powerful when it’s shared.

That’s why we’re on a mission to unlock the power of nutrition to help pets live better, longer lives.

As a global professional organization, the Purina Institute shares Purina’s leading-edge research, as well as evidence-based information from the wider scientific community, in an accessible, actionable way so veterinary professionals are empowered to put nutrition at the forefront of pet health discussions to further improve and extend the healthy lives of pets through nutrition.

   Discover how we use proven nutritional science to help pets live better, longer lives.


Learn more about why it is important to initiate the topic of nutrition with your clients in your daily practice.

Advancing science for pet health

Our goal is not only to elevate today’s nutritional conversations.



We are also focused on the future and bringing to life the findings of Purina’s Research & Development (R&D) network. Every day our researchers imagine the impossible and unleash the power of nutrition to help pets live better, longer lives. With a relentless drive to discover nutritional breakthroughs, Purina has been instrumental in shaping the science of pet nutrition. The research spans a number of areas, including:

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Heart health

The heart is a vital organ that relies on key nutrients and a continuous supply of energy to support and maintain a regular rate and rhythm. Purina’s research shows that a specific blend of nutrients can help improve cardiac function and slow progression in dogs with early stage myxomatous mitral valve disease.

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Neutralizing allergens

Discovering how to prevent Fel d 1, the major cat allergen, from triggering an allergic response, Purina’s scientists have potentially transformed the lives of pets and their owners – without impacting the cat’s overall physiology.

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Molecular nutrition

In order to identify opportunities for nutritional intervention, Purina’s research  starts by exploring the effects of nutrition on cellular and molecular processes using genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics and metagenomics.

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Brain health

Years of groundbreaking research by Purina demonstrating a strong link between nutrition and cognitive function in our pets.

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Gastrointestinal health

Purina’s scientific research highlights the importance of maintaining microbiotal balance, along with strategies to how this can be achieved.

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Weight management

Purina’s research has demonstrated how weight management and targeted nutrition can extend the healthy lives of our pets.

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