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Practical information about commercial pet foods and what goes into them.




  • Switching Pet Foods - Dogs

    Gradually transitioning onto a new diet minimizes the risk of stomach upset.​

    1 min to 5 min

  • switching pet foods cats graphic

    Switching Pet Foods - Cats

    Gradually transitioning onto a new diet minimizes the risk of stomach upset.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Cooking Processes & Commercial Pet Foods

    Various cooking processes are used in preparing commercial pet foods to ensure delivery of highly nutritious, palatable products. The methods used are determined by the final form (e.g., a dry or wet food), desired texture and visual properties, and packaging. Common forms of pet food include dry extruded kibbles and canned wet food.

    6 min to 10 min

  • Feeding Guidelines on Pet Food Labels

    Feeding guidelines are designed to help owners determine the quantity of food to feed their pets to ensure an optimal body condition, but owners may be unsure how to use them.

    6 min to 10 min

  • Gluten in Pet Food

    Gluten-free diets are increasingly popular in human nutrition and this in turn can influence pet food decisions. What exactly is gluten and why is it found in pet food?

    6 min to 10 min

  • Homemade Pet Foods

    Homemade diets are perceived as healthier to some pet owners, but despite their draw, they may not be complete and balanced for healthy pets.

    6 min to 10 min

  • Raw Food Diets

    Raw food diets are popular with pet owners but the nutritional benefits are unproven, and most are unaware of the health risks that raw food can pose to pets — and people.

    6 min to 10 min

  • By-Products

    By-products are a safe and nutritious ingredient, but pet owners may perceive that pet foods containing by-products are low-quality.

    6 min to 10 min

  • Grains in Pet Foods

    Grains provide valuable nutrients, but pet owners may believe that grains are “fillers” or that they may be a source of food allergies.

    6 min to 10 min