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Practical information about commercial pet foods and what goes into them.




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    Raw Meat-Based Diets: Current Evidence Regarding Benefits and Risks by Beth A. Hamper, DVM, PhD, DACVN

    Are raw meat-based diets a suitable option for pets?​

    11 min to 15 min

  • Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

    Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

    Many common food items found in kitchens are potentially harmful to dogs and cats.

    1 min to 5 min

  • fish laying next to raw red meat an chicken

    Considerations When Feeding Raw Pet Food Diets

    Raw meat diets are popular but may present several health risks.

    1 min to 5 min

  • dry pet food kibble

    Can Dogs and Cats Eat the Same Food?

    Cats and dogs have different nutritional needs, so they should be fed food specifically formulated for their species.

    1 min to 5 min

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    Balance Is Everything: Maintaining a Healthy Gut Microbiome

    Kelly S. Swanson, PhD, explains the importance of gut health, what dysbiosis means, and the value of using a synbiotic supplement.​

    1 min to 5 min

  • white and brown dog standing up for a treat

    Puppies and Adult Dogs: Feeding Treats

    Excessive treating can increase the pet’s risk of becoming overweight.

    1 min to 5 min

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    Why Is Taurine Considered an Essential Nutrient for Cats?

    Cats need to obtain adequate taurine from food, which makes this amino acid an essential one.

    1 min to 5 min

  • pet food label explaining each section of packaging

    Understanding Pet Food Labels - AAFCO

    Understanding the information on a pet food label can help when comparing and choosing pet foods.

    1 min to 5 min

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    Considerations for Feeding Gluten-Free Diets to Pets

    Following the human nutrition trend, gluten-free foods are becoming increasingly popular for pets.

    1 min to 5 min