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  • black and white dog with a cat next to him looking up with paw up

    HYDRATION IN PETS: Strategies To Manage Water Balance In Cats And Dogs

    Water is an essential nutrient and is considered the nutrient most critical for survival. Losses in body water of just 10-15% can cause death, with animals able to tolerate much higher fat or protein losses.

    20+ minutes

  • Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

    Toxic Foods for Dogs and Cats

    Many common food items found in kitchens are potentially harmful to dogs and cats.

    1 min to 5 min

  • fish laying next to raw red meat an chicken

    Considerations When Feeding Raw Pet Food Diets

    Raw meat diets are popular but may present several health risks.

    1 min to 5 min

  • dry pet food kibble

    Considerations for Feeding Gluten-Free Diets to Pets

    Following the human nutrition trend, gluten-free foods are becoming increasingly popular for pets.

    1 min to 5 min

  • How to Encourage Finicky Pets to Eat

    Pets who are finicky, fussy or not interested in food can be a challenge.

    1 min to 5 min

  • paper icon image

    Raw Meat-Based Diets: Current Evidence Regarding Benefits and Risks by Beth A. Hamper, DVM, PhD, DACVN

    Are raw meat-based diets a suitable option for pets?​

    11 min to 15 min

  • More Than a Meal: Putting Purina's Microbiome Science into Practice

    Decades of research into the microbiome and nutritional interventions such as prebiotics and probiotics reveals how diet influences the gut microbiome and ultimately contributes to pet health.​

    20+ minutes

  • different types of grains

    Grains Are a Rich Source of Nutrients for Pets

    Grains are a valuable source of nutrients in pet food.

    1 min to 5 min

  • probiotic graphic

    Considerations When Choosing a Probiotic Supplement

    Probiotics are a nutritional intervention that may help manage pet health issues from gastrointestinal tract and beyond.

    1 min to 5 min