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Practical information about the nutritional needs of cats and dogs at each life stage, including growth, maintenance, reproduction and aging.



  • Fast Fact

    Should you choose wet or dry food for senior pets?

    Fast Fact

    The choice of whether to feed a senior pet wet or dry food is ultimately dependent on the individual pet and owner's preferences. However, in certain cases, wet food can offer benefits for the older pet: Wet food is softer and easier for senior pets with missing teeth or other advanced dental issues to chew. Wet food, due to its high moisture content, may help keep senior pets hydrated.

    Providing multiple water bowls can also help encourage drinking. Senior pets may have a decreased sense of smell and taste, which can affect appetite. Gently warming the food can help enhance its aroma and flavor. Whether feeding wet or dry food, food and water bowls should be located where senior pets can reach them easily. Elevating bowls a few inches off the ground may help senior pets with arthritis.

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    Feeding Management of the Neutered Cat by Jennifer A. Larsen

    Neutered cats are predisposed to becoming overweight or obese.​

    11 min to 15 min

  • paper icon image

    Balanced Feeding Assists Healthy Growth in Dogs by Britta Dobenecker

    Feeding a balanced diet supports healthy skeletal development and a lean body condition in puppies.​

    11 min to 15 min

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    Feeding the Brain: Putting Purina’s Nutritional Science Into Practice

    The developing brain has unique nutritional demands to set the foundation for lifelong brain health. Metabolic changes and risk factors associated with brain aging, age-related cognitive decline, and the resulting behavioral changes can be targeted with nutritional interventions that support healthier brain aging.​

    16 min to 20 min

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    Effect of Diet and Body Composition on Life Span in Aging Cats by Carolyn J. Cupp

    Purina's groundbreaking 9-year study showed that feeding a specific blend of nutrients can extend the healthy lives of cats.​

    1 min to 5 min

  • striped cat with green eyes

    Kittens and Adult Cats: The Importance of Staying Lean

    Maintaining a lean, healthy body condition in kittens can help prevent obesity and related health conditions in later years.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Large Breed Puppies Rapid Growth Is Not Optimal Growth

    Large Breed Puppies: Rapid Growth Is Not Optimal Growth

    Controlling the growth rate of large and giant breed puppies is critical for their long-term skeletal health.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Large Breed Puppies Excessive Calcium Is Detrimental to Healthy Bone Development

    Large Breed Puppies: Excessive Calcium Is Detrimental to Healthy Bone Development

    Intake of the correct amount of calcium is key in large breed puppies.

    1 min to 5 min

  • brown and white puppy playing with a red ball

    Feeding Small and Toy Breed Puppies

    Small and toy breed puppies should be fed small, frequent meals and fed to a lean, healthy body condition.

    1 min to 5 min