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Practical information about the nutritional needs of cats and dogs at each life stage, including growth, maintenance, reproduction and aging.



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    Learn more about epilepsy and the research by Purina in partnership with the Royal Veterinary College of London.

    6 min to 10 min

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    Benefits of Nutrition Shown in Groundbreaking Longevity Study in Cats

    Purina conducted a groundbreaking 9-year study that demonstrated feeding a specific blend of nutrients can extend the healthy lives of cats.

    1 min to 5 min

  • puppy growth rate

    Puppy Growth Rates

    Breed size affects the growth rate of puppies.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Nutrition for Pregnant and Lactating Cats and Their Nursing Kittens

    Nutrition plays a critical role in successful feline reproduction and in supporting development and growth of healthy kittens before and after birth.

    1 min to 5 min

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    Maintenance Nutrition for Healthy Adult Dogs

    Every adult dog has unique nutritional needs. Tailored nutrition can help them live long, healthy lives.

    1 min to 5 min

  • How do I choose a healthy dog food

    How Do I Choose a Healthy Dog Food?

    Here are several factors to consider when you are choosing a food for your dog.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Feeding Kittens

    Feeding Kittens

    Kittens should be fed to achieve normal growth and a lean, healthy body condition.

    1 min to 5 min

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    How Nutrition Can Help Your Dog Thrive

    Learn about your dog’s nutritional needs for a long, healthy and active life.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Puppies and Adult Dogs The Importance of Staying Lean

    Puppies and Adult Dogs: The Importance of Staying Lean

    Maintaining a lean body condition from puppyhood and throughout life is associated with increased longevity and delayed onset of signs of chronic disease.

    1 min to 5 min