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Helpful information about the unique nutritional needs of dogs and cats with certain lifestyles or health challenges.



  • Feeding Pets for Weight Loss

    Up to 63% of pet cats and 59.3% of pet dogs are overweight or obese, and this condition is linked with serious health risks. However, many pet owners do not recognize their dog or cat is overweight or how nutrition can help manage healthy weight–and a healthier life—for their pet.

    6 min to 10 min

  • Hydration in Pets

    Hydration in Pets

    The water needs of pets should not be overlooked.

    1 min to 5 min

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    Managing Cat Allergens

    A nutritional approach can neutralize the major cat allergen (Fel d 1) in a cat’s saliva, before it spreads to the environment.

    1 min to 5 min

  • The Role of Diet in Managing Excess Weight

    The Role of Diet in Managing Excess Weight

    A tailored nutritional approach can help overweight or obese pets lose weight.

    1 min to 5 min

  • Feline Lower Urinary Tract Health The Role of Diet

    Feline Lower Urinary Tract Health: The Role of Diet

    Nutrition plays a role in the maintenance of feline lower urinary tract health.

    1 min to 5 min

  • microbiome

    Managing the Gut Microbiome

    Diet, a controllable factor that influences the gut microbiome, offers a daily opportunity to contribute to gut health.

    1 min to 5 min

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    HYDRATION IN PETS: Strategies To Manage Water Balance In Cats And Dogs

    Water is an essential nutrient and is considered the nutrient most critical for survival. Losses in body water of just 10-15% can cause death, with animals able to tolerate much higher fat or protein losses.

    20+ minutes

  • More Than a Meal: Putting Purina's Microbiome Science into Practice

    Decades of research into the microbiome and nutritional interventions such as prebiotics and probiotics reveals how diet influences the gut microbiome and ultimately contributes to pet health.​

    20+ minutes

  • Nutrition and Heart Health

    The heart is a vital organ that relies on specific nutrients and a continuous supply of energy to support and maintain a regular rate and rhythm, yet the role of nutrition in pets’ cardiac health is often overlooked.

    6 min to 10 min