Science of Nutrition

Learn how Purina’s breakthrough studies, with novel discoveries about the molecular-level impacts of nutrients on pet health, have helped reimagine the ways nutrition can help pets live better, longer lives. 

dog and cat graphic with brain highlighted

Advancing Brain Health

Learn how nutritional innovations can help protect brain health, manage age-related cognitive changes in dogs and cats, and improve outcomes associated with idiopathic epilepsy in dogs. 


Transforming Heart Health

Learn about key nutrients that support heart health in cats and dogs, and discover how Purina’s scientists identified a specific nutrient blend that can help support heart function and slow heart disease progression in dogs with early stage myxomatous mitral valve disease. 

striped cat looking at the camera

Neutralizing Allergens

Learn about an innovative approach to neutralizing Fel d 1, the major cat allergen, at its source in cats’ saliva. As part of a comprehensive allergy management plan, this cat-safe approach can help reduce cat allergens while keeping the cat in its loving home.

enterococcus faecium SF68

Promoting Gastrointestinal Health

Learn about the critical roles of the gut microbiome in pet health and how nutritional interventions including prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics can improve pet health, boost immunity, and aid in the management of common health conditions. 

muscle tissue

Extending a Healthy Life

Learn how Purina’s research demonstrated that nutrition plays a key role in extending the healthy life of dogs and cats. Read about the landmark studies that showed how specific nutritional approaches can slow the onset of age-related health issues and add more years to the lives of dogs and cats.


Exploring Molecular Nutrition

Discover how Purina scientists use their ‘omics’ expertiseanalyzing DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites, or gut bacterial populationsto identify new ways that nutrients can help improve health conditions, such as osteoarthritis, and better understand how nutrition can benefit each and every pet.