The Microbiomes Play Critical Roles in Pet Health

bacterial rods and cocci

The microbiomes play crucial roles in maintaining pet health as well as in the development of disease states. Unlocking the secrets of the body’s microbiomes could provide the key for a longer, healthier life for pets.

While there are numerous influences on microbiome composition, nutritional intervention via the diet provides a daily opportunity to influence the health of the microbiome – and ultimately, the health of the host.

Purina’s ongoing research into nutritional strategies that improve the gut health of pets, and the balance between beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms, includes probiotics, paraprobiotics, prebiotics, and bovine colostrum, among others. A better understanding of the microbiome’s impact on pet health can help pets live longer, healthier lives.

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Microbiome Fundamentals

Explore the terminology and composition of the microbiomes, how the microbiomes interact with the host, how microbiomes are measured, and the factors that influence microbiome composition.

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Microbiome-Centric Interventions for Pet Health Conditions

Put microbiome science into practice to address common health conditions in dogs and cats.

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Nestlé and Purina Leadership in the Microbiome

As part of Nestlé, Purina draws on an unequaled culture collection and decades of collaborative microbiome research. Discover more about this collaboration and how it improves human and animal health.