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  • Purina Institute Digest Volume I

    Volume 1: Dealing With Frustrating Feline Elimination Disorders

    Learn about common causes of feline lower urinary tract disease and important strategies to manage these cases, including nutrition, environmental modification, and increasing hydration.

    16 min to 20 min

  • Purina Institute Digest Volume 2

    Volume 2: Tips for Successful Management of Gastrointestinal Disease

    Discover different dietary options for management of acute gastroenteritis, chronic enteropathy, and feline pancreatitis.

    16 min to 20 min

  • Volume 3 digest

    Volume 3: Putting Microbiome Science into Practice

    Understand how changes in the microbiome can influence management of chronic enteropathy and what tools can positively impact case management, such as diet trials and fecal microbiota transfer.

    16 min to 20 min