MER Calculator for Dogs

This interactive tool has been designed to help you with nutritional recommendations. Enter your patient's age group, weight, body condition score (BCS), and dietary goals (maintain or lose weight) to reveal estimated ideal weight if pet were in ideal BCS, and estimated daily caloric needs (maintenance energy requirements, or MER).

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Toy/Small breeds: 8+ years
Medium breeds: 7+ years
Large/Giant breeds: 6+ years

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If a goal of "maintain weight" is selected for a pet with a BCS of 6 or 7, slow weight loss could occur since MER will be based on a lower body weight. However, selecting "lose weight" as the goal will provide greater calorie restriction, which will facilitate faster weight loss. If a pet is underweight, selecting "maintain weight" should encourage slow weight gain since MER will be based on a higher body weight. However, desired weight gain may not occur until contributing conditions are identified and managed, especially in pets with a BCS of 1 or 2.

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