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Practical information about commercial pet foods and what goes into them.


Feeding Management

How to Encourage Finicky Pets to Eat

  • Finicky eating can be an inherent or learned behavior or may be an indication of another issue. Rule out the following factors: 
    • Overfeeding.
    • Misunderstanding normal feeding behavior or innate regulation of food intake.
    • Strong preference for a particular flavor or texture of food.
    • Food spoilage or expiration.
    • Satiety/fullness from consuming too many treats.
  • Warming food to body temperature can increase the smell of food and help stimulate eating. 
    • Both cats and dogs are motivated to eat by the smell, taste and texture of pet food. 
    • Food attributes such as temperature or kibble/chunk size also influence food intake. 
  • Feeding wet food, especially with a gravy, or adding a complementary food topper can encourage eating.  
  • For dogs, adding warm water to dry food may encourage eating. 
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