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Ingredients in Pet Food

Grains Are a Rich Source of Nutrients for Pets

While there is a belief that grains are only used as "fillers" or may be a cause of food allergies, grains are in fact a valuable source of nutrients in pet food.

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Key Messages

  • Grains are the seeds of cereal grasses and include corn, wheat, oats, rice, barley, rye and others. 
  • Grains are primarily used in pet food as a source of digestible carbohydrates that provide glucose, the most important energy source for all cells in the body. Grains also contribute nutrients such as protein, fiber, essential fatty acids, B vitamins and minerals.  
  • Not all grains contain gluten. Although the gluten found in wheat, barley and rye can trigger an immune response in humans with celiac disease, gluten allergies are extremely rare in dogs and have not been identified in cats. Pets are more likely to be allergic to beef, dairy or chicken than to a grain like wheat or corn. 
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"Grains are not just added to pet food for bulk, they are actually a valuable source of nutrients. Allergies to grains or gluten are extremely rare in dogs and have never been reported in cats."

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Grains in Pet Foods

Grains provide valuable nutrients, but pet owners may believe that grains are “fillers” or that they may be a source of food allergies.

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