Sunil Kochhar - Premise of Systems Microbiomics in Improving Health and Related Diagnostics for Human and Companion Animals



Sunil Kochhar, PhD, Nestlé Research Center

Dr. Sunil Kochhar is the microbiome research program manager at the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne Switzerland. He specializes in the implementation of new technologies and competencies for basic research and developing new pro­cesses designed to make food more natural and flavorful, which involves working with a multidisciplinary team of scientists, engineers, technicians/operators, analytical chemists, and biochemists for the successful industrialization of products. Dr. Kochhar is the author of more than 120 articles in prominent international scientific journals, and he has written 16 patents and presented research findings at more than 100 international conferences. Currently, he is leading an initiative to assess the role of the human microbiome in developing novel solutions to improve the health of humans and companion animals. His research focus is applying state-of-the art omics to elaborate biomarkers/predictors for health-related disorders, thus allowing the possibility for appropriate nutritional interventions at an early stage. He is also a visiting professor at the Imperial College London.

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