nutrition conversations


Tips and tools for effective nutrition conversations with case scenario examples.

Nutrition Conversation Tips

Addressing Pet Obesity When an Owner is Resistant to Change

Many veterinarians find conversations around a pet’s excess weight to be challenging, especially with clients who are resistant to making changes in their pet’s diet and feeding management. As one approach to this important nutrition conversation with the owner of an overweight cat, watch this role-play video showing a veterinarian:

  • Explaining how excess weight affects the pet’s health and longevity.
  • Gauging a client’s readiness to change by suggesting a small modification. Limiting, but not eliminating, treats may improve adherence to a weight loss plan. Environmental enrichment can encourage exercise and provide an opportunity for client-pet bonding that does not involve food.
  • Setting attainable goals so that “little successes” can be celebrated to keep the client motivated.
  • Planning follow-up.
  • Summarizing key action items before the visit ends.

To Share With Pet Owner:

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