nutrition conversations


Tips and tools for effective nutrition conversations with case scenario examples.

Nutrition Conversation Tips

Engaging Clients With Concerns About Ingredients

Clients often have questions about pet food ingredients. The first step in answering is learning what prompted these questions. A nutrition assessment is an essential tool used to find an answer that suits the client and the pet.  

  • Your client is concerned about ingredients in her pet’s foods. How do you address these concerns? 


To Share With Pet Owner:

Screening Diet History Form

This short, screening diet history form is a practical, easy-to-use document that can help clients provide important information about their pets’ diets.

View Tool 1 min to 5 min

Gluten in Pet Food

Gluten-free diets are increasingly popular in human nutrition and this in turn can influence pet food decisions. What exactly is gluten and why is it found in pet food?

View Hot Topic 6 min to 10 min

Grains in Pet Foods

Grains provide valuable nutrients, but pet owners may believe that grains are “fillers” or that they may be a source of food allergies.

View Hot Topic 6 min to 10 min

Alternative Proteins in Pet Food

Alternative proteins, which are generally considered protein sources other than the traditional animal sources such as beef and chicken, are increasingly being utilized in both human and pet food. What are examples of alternative proteins, and why are they used in pet food?

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