nutrition conversations


Tips and tools for effective nutrition conversations with case scenario examples.

Nutrition Conversation Tips

How Can the Veterinary Team Address Nutrition Misinformation?

When it comes to combatting nutrition misinformation, every situation is unique. But there are several strategies that can help.

  • How do I counter nutrition misinformation that clients find online?
  • My client is very passionate about what they have researched. How do I approach the subject without offending them?
  • How can the health care team be better equipped for these conversations?

To Share With Pet Owner:

Raw Food Diets

Raw food diets are popular with pet owners but the nutritional benefits are unproven, and most are unaware of the health risks that raw food can pose to pets — and people.

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Gluten in Pet Food

Gluten-free diets are increasingly popular in human nutrition and this in turn can influence pet food decisions. What exactly is gluten and why is it found in pet food?

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Grains in Pet Foods

Grains provide valuable nutrients, but pet owners may believe that grains are “fillers” or that they may be a source of food allergies.

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Homemade Pet Foods

Homemade diets are perceived as healthier to some pet owners, but despite their draw, they may not be complete and balanced for healthy pets.

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By-products are a safe and nutritious ingredient, but pet owners may perceive that pet foods containing by-products are low-quality.

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Vegetarian Diets for Pets

Vegetarians may choose a meat free diet for many reasons including concerns for health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. For similar reasons, some pet owners may wonder if a vegetarian diet is an acceptable option for their pet.

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Alternative Proteins in Pet Food

Alternative proteins, which are generally considered protein sources other than the traditional animal sources such as beef and chicken, are increasingly being utilized in both human and pet food. What are examples of alternative proteins, and why are they used in pet food?

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